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Com-Net is the Exclusive Distributor of CableSolve

Want to reduce operational overhead and improve service levels within the management of your infrastructure? Looking for a simple solution that is convenient, portable and upgradeable?

CableSolve is a pocket PC application for infrastructure management that delivers powerful, feature-rich, client, server and web applications in the palm of your hands. CableSolve quickly and accurately helps you manage your physical IT infrastructure by allowing you to consolidate all information in a single repository ...virtually eliminating errors in data input, duplication, and redundancy!

The CableSolve Advantage?

  • CableSolve ensures accurate and efficient change management
  • CableSolve supports reporting of the entire physical IT infrastructure
  • CableSolve avoids downtime risks from incorrect changes
    made to the infrastructure

Com-Net is the North American distributor and Exclusive Canadian distributor of CableSolve IT infrastructure, asset and connectivity management tool. Our CableSolve customers include companies in multiple market segments, including:

  • Government
  • IT
  • Health
  • Transportation
  • Telecommunications
  • Military
  • IT Service Management


Contact one of our CableSolve specialists for more information
or to find out more about the CableSolve Solution.